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At the centre of the recruiter’s day, Profile software uses data intelligence to proactively guide the consultant through the recruitment process, matching candidates to roles and prompting the next actions that will lead to success.

Profile's intuitive user interface gives the recruiter immediate access to candidate, vacancy, contact and organisation information, with integrated email and social media. Profile reduces admin and allows the user to concentrate on the more important aspects of their job, such as building client and candidate relationships.

As a business leader or manager of a medium or large recruitment business, you will benefit from knowing your team is engaged with award-winning software that offers powerful search capabilities and easy-to-use functionality that maximises the efficiency of your operation.

Manage GDPR with ease

Profile includes specific tools to assist with GDPR compliance, including:

  • Legal Basis for Processing
  • Subject Access Request
  • Right To Erasure
  • Right to Portability
  • Managing communication methods

Click here to discover more about Profile's GDPR toolset (opens a new window)

Mobile App

Designed to support the regular office-based Profile user when they leave the office to meet clients or candidates, the mobile app allows you to find contact and candidate information, stay in touch with important tasks and keep records of your calls and meetings while on-the-go with the parts of Profile that you need while on the move.

  • Search and access contact and candidate information
  • Keep records of your calls and meetings
  • View tasks list
  • Manage your calendar
  • Add candidate photos to your database
  • View your SMARTfeeds
  • Link to your maps, so you'll never get lost again!

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Runs on any mobile platform (iPhone, Android) and uses native phone functionality to enable the user to call, email or text from Profile as well as interacting with maps and web browsers.

* Please note that the features available on the mobile app are subject to the desktop version of Profile your organisation is running.

Data Intelligence

Imagine having an assistant that knows the status of all the projects you're working on. By your side throughout the day, helping you with every action and guiding you to what needs to be done next.

Profile constantly analyses your data and consultant activity to drive next actions and help you make better decisions. The system understands your business processes and responds by organising data to make it useful to your business.

By following workflow processes and ensuring that actions are carried out, Profile ensures consistency in your team and maximises the effectiveness of your staff.

You no longer need to remember every call to make, email to send and which actions to take next - leaving you free to concentrate on building relationships with clients and candidates.

The Hub

The hub is a customisable workspace that dynamically ensures that your most important next actions are shown, with simple hyperlinks taking you directly to where you need to be.

  • Follows your workflow processes
  • Prompts next actions
  • Helps prevent tasks from being missed
  • Ensures consistency in your teams
  • Maximises the effectiveness of your staff

Integrated email

  • Full access to your email - Create, Send, Receive, Save and Delete from within Profile
  • No more flicking between screens or cutting & pasting between systems
  • Import candidates, send & receive CVs, arrange offers - all in one place
  • Profile automatically updates associated database records with a log of email activity*
  • Import candidate CVs and Vacancy documents from an email
  • Integrates with most standard email systems including Exchange and GoogleMai
*Requires configuration of optional emailBOT

Social Media

  • View social media sites from within Profile
  • Link to candidates LinkedIn records to see their up-to-date profile
  • Set up news searches to see the most recent news about your clients or prospects
  • Link candidate records to their LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Xing and more.

Push Technology with SMARTfeeds and bots

  • MatchBOT helps you respond quickly and recruit more, by automatically alerting you to new or updated candidates who match your vacancies as they are added.
  • SMARTfeeds make you more efficient as Profile's data intelligence automatically alerts you to any events relevant to you.
  • Customisable screens & workflows

Intelligent Reports

Profile's data intelligence means that intelligent reports automatically provide the information that is important to each individual user, without any input required.

Examples of intelligent reports:

  • New candidates
  • Sales calls
  • Contacts / Candidates / Vacancies without activity
  • SMARTmatcher arrivals
  • Bookings finishing
  • Temps booked/available
  • Outstanding offers
  • Meetings, tasks and calendar reminders

Each intelligent report has the facility to drill-down into the data behind it.

Management & User KPI Dials

Profile's KPI monitor gives you real time insight into your business.

  • Over 60 standard dials & customisable for more
  • Provides motivational feedback to each individual consultant
  • Provides valuable data for managers

Additional Features

An enterprise recruitment system capable of supporting thousands of users, and flexible enough to support multi-faceted businesses. Fully scalable and highly robust, it offers the following additional software features:

  • Powerful search
  • CV & vacancy parsing
  • International and multi-discipline
  • Workflows for multiple recruitment types
  • Task and Calendar integration
  • CRM
  • Full workflow tracker
  • 2-way SMS text messaging
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Compliance management
  • Organisation charts
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Instant messenger
  • Mailmerge
  • Intelligent online help
  • Now part of Access suite of Recruitment Software

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