World Backup Day

31st March 2017 by microdec

So today, 31st March is World Backup Day. I confess, I quite like the campaigns creative brilliance of making sure you run a backup today to avoid being an April Fool tomorrow – but the fact is that EVERY day should be world backup day, as disaster can strike at any time.

Nowadays, hardware failure is fairly rare and server technology is such that hardware failures can often be worked around with little impact on the users. However, we frequently receive calls (thankfully not emails!) from clients whose infrastructure has been compromised by a virus or malware; meaning they have to revert back to the last clean backup of their data.

As a recruiter, the data in your CRM and back-office systems drive your business. Getting everyone up-and-running again is vital to the profitability of your business and ensuring you meet the demands of your clients.

For business owners, it’s also worth remembering that a significant portion of the value of your business is in the candidate information that you hold. Without a restorable backup, that data could be lost - along with real £££ value from your business.

Our cloud customers have less to worry about, as we take care of Profile database backups on your behalf and ensure your data is well protected, in disaster-proof locations where security teams monitor and manage the servers 24/7 365 days a year against physical and cyber-attacks. Data is decentralised and shared among locations, reducing your exposure to hardware getting damaged or data being stolen, hacked, lost or corrupted.

For those clients with an on-premise CRM or any other data infrastructure, take some time today to check, not only that backups are being taken, but also that you have a process and sufficient expertise in restoring from your backup.

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