Mobile App for Profile

18th September 2017 by microdec

Microdec is making recruiters lives easier and more productive with the introduction of mobile app that allows consultants to stay in touch with the recruitment system from their smartphone, giving you the freedom to travel with easy access to important information.

Designed to support the regular office-based Profile user when they leave the office to meet clients or candidates, the mobile app allows you to find contact and candidate information, stay in touch with important tasks and keep records of your calls and meetings while on-the-go.

The app works as a companion to Profile v3 and allows the user to search for and access Contact and Candidate records, Tasks list, Calendar and relevant person-based SMARTfeeds.

The app runs on any mobile platform (iPhone, Android) and uses native phone functionality to enable the user to call, email or text from Profile as well as interacting with maps and web browsers.

For more information please contact us or existing clients please get in touch with your account manager.

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