Increase billing with less admin

19th February 2016 by microdec

Increase billing with less admin

Recruiters frequently tell us they want to bill more. Your clients are continuing to recruit and recent reports suggest that candidates are applying and registering their CVs in record numbers – so while the landscape remains as competitive as ever, there’s no shortage of work for recruiters.

So what’s stopping them? The reason we most often hear is that the admin involved in ‘processing’ a candidate into a role frequently stands in the way of a consultant billing more.

The antidote to the problem is freeing up time to make more calls, build more relationships and close more deals.

Here’s some tips:

Make it easy to gather data

We all know that data is vital to a recruiter. Consultants want information to be instantly accessible and business leaders need reliable data to make informed decisions.

It’s important to make it easy to gather and input information. If it’s not easy, people won’t bother – and your business will suffer as a result. So look for ways that data collection can be integrated with your CRM.

For manual input, set up custom forms for faster entry and use a relational database to reduce the number of times the user needs to input the same information.

There is a direct relationship between how easily information can be put into the system and the quality of the output (sales). It will come as no surprise that the best results come from individuals and business who are able to collate their data easily.

Make it accurate

With a myriad of data sources out there, consultants can get bogged down in copying and pasting text from one place to another. This is not only drain on time, but it can lead to errors. Automate data input wherever possible for the best results.

Look at where your data is coming from and how these data sources can be integrated into your CRM.

Make KPIs focussed and visible

Performance metrics are designed to measure and motivate, but depending on their focus, they could actually take your ‘sales machine’ off course.

KPIs need to be focussed on the selling activities and displayed in real time to help consultants understand the ‘now’ and plan ahead. A screen in the office could promote competition among your teams; while on-screen KPIs help guide an individual to success.

Make ‘to-do lists’ visible and focussed on results

Use your CRM to set tasks and reminders that specifically point towards achieving a placement. Making individual tasks relevant to the recruitment workflow will not only ensure that nothing gets missed, but also keep every assignment working to the correct process.

Give users visibility to tasks and reminders for the next 7 days to help them plan and manage their workload. With this approach, consultants feel more in-control and become more productive and effective.

Make searching easy

Use skill codes and keywords to get the best out of your system. Accurate information at the data entry stage will yield better results later. Look at how you can automate your search processes and how your system handles new candidates which are added to your database – will they automatically appear today if they meet search criteria you set up yesterday?

Here's how we can help….

Microdec Profile RPM v10.6 has been developed by recruitment professionals to bring together clients, candidates, vacancy processing, email, social media, task reminders, appointments and reporting in a single system to improve efficiency and accuracy. The software’s design reduces the steps required to perform tasks and brings your email and social media directly into the recruitment software. No more flicking between screens or constantly cutting & pasting between systems. With Profile RPM, a user has the ability to import candidates, send and receive CVs, arrange interviews, and make offers all from one place, with full event logging, audit trails and reporting. Microdec Profile 10.6 can be delivered via the Cloud or deployed on-premise.

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