How to get your consultants to use the CRM system

25th August 2016 by microdec

Your recruitment software is an investment that can be central to your company’s future success - But only if everyone uses it! Here we look at 8 ways to encourage your team to use the system.

1. Don’t let the system get in the way

Recruiters want to make placements. They like to be having conversations, building their networks and closing deals. A system that cuts out the admin and allows the user to move quickly through the process will be a winner.

If the system is customisable, take advantage and tailor the system to your own business needs.

2. Make it easy

Look for systems that are intuitive to use, with hyperlinks, shortcuts and buttons taking you directly to where you need to be. Complicated steps or lots of mouse-clicks will put users off.

3. Get an expert to show you

Attend the training courses and talk to your software partner’s account manager, trainers and technical team to get an in-depth understanding of how the system can really benefit you.

4. Everyone in!

Ask everyone to use the system, from owners, directors and senior managers, down. People are more likely to adopt a behaviour if everyone is doing it without exception.

5. Share knowledge

Encourage your teams to share their knowledge. People enjoy sharing their skills and your business will benefit from people doing better searches and working more efficiently.

6. Look good, feel good

We are more likely to use software if the experience is good. If you’re looking to invest in new software, consider the user interface and whether your teams are likely to engage with it. Look for clear, intuitive software, where you can easily understand the screens and quickly navigate around the system.

7. Set targets

Setting call, placement or activity targets (which are measured by the recruitment software) provides a motivational tool for your teams, whilst encouraging users to engage with the system to ensure their stats are recorded.

8. Rewards

We all respond to a reward (or bribe!) for positive behaviour. Set yourself a vision for successful adoption then reward your teams for consistently using the system and maintaining a good database. Raise the bar by celebrating your super-users and those who go further to improve your processes or take on system admin responsibility. Make it a collective celebration – after all, a well-managed database will benefit everyone!

Microdec's project teams and trainers have many years experience in ensuring that users adopt the system for trouble-free implementation and long-term success for companies of all sizes.

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