How technology can help you deliver a top-notch candidate experience

28th June 2016 by microdec

We all know the importance of the candidate experience and the effect it has on your brand. Here we explore 5 things that are important to candidates and explain how applying simple technology can improve the service you provide in those areas.

  1. Make application simple

Statistics show that job seekers will abort a job application if the process is too complex. This isn’t so much a measure of a candidates (lack of) motivation, but a reflection of our expectations in today’s on-demand world. You should provide mechanisms for candidates to apply online, remembering that they’re likely to be using a mobile device rather than a computer. Keep steps and questions to a minimum and aim for the whole process to take no more than about 15 minutes.

  1. Acknowledge their application

At the very least, candidates expect an automated response to their application – it’s good manners, right? But increasingly, job seekers expect a personal response. Try to personalise your messages as much as possible, even if it’s just by adding the candidates name to the email, using the mail merge function in your CRM.

  1. Make roles relevant

Use your recruitment software to ensure you’re contacting potential candidates with relevant roles. With systems now able to filter and search data in so many different ways, using skills codes, location and compliance tools, a short time spent finding the right candidates will save hours of worthless communication and frustration later.

  1. Update them on progress

Use your CRMs workflow processes, calendar, task list or reminders to prompt you to stay in touch with candidates. Don’t forget to inform candidates if they’re unsuccessful, its useful to them and it helps you retain the relationship – today’s candidate could be tomorrow’s client.

  1. "I can't always talk"

Today’s candidate is digital, so use technology to be where they are. Mobile technology is key – and a discreet SMS message is often more practical for a candidate while they’re at work. Send the message from your recruitment CRM software will keep your admin to a minimum and keep an audit trail for reference later.

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