GDPR made easy with Profile

16th April 2018 by microdec

As the hot topic of GDPR continues to worry many business leaders, the latest version of Microdec’s Profile recruitment software promises to make recruiter’s lives easier when it comes to complying with the new legislation.

The Microdec team has been working with industry groups and recruiters to add lots of useful tools that help recruiters comply with ALL the new rights for individuals.

This begins with allowing users to record and manage the Legal Basis for Processing for each individual record, including prompts for the user to review the legal basis if your workflow dictates (for example, you may want to start using Legitimate Interest, but later obtain Consent to process).

Subject Access Requests and Portability requests are easy to manage in Profile, thanks to a new facility that will export candidate or contact data into a single file in one click – all documents, notes, event history, images and emails held on Profile, all collated in one file.

Removing client or candidate records is done safely and securely using Profile's Right To Erasure utility, ensuring that you aren’t losing data which you may be legally obliged to keep. Where a candidate record is to be deleted, Profile will check for placement events or timesheet information, and will help you retain the information required for HMRC purposes. Profile can also scan through past events and send notifications to the contacts with whom you’ve shared candidate information, to comply with the requirement to inform third parties of a 'right to be forgotten' request. Where a contact record is to be deleted, Profile will search for live vacancies associated to that individual and prompt the user to reassign the vacancies.

Profile’s communication method matrix will allow users to manage how they communicate with individuals, by selecting preferences for email, phone, mail or SMS communication, by topic.

Speaking about the new release Daniel Fox, Microdec CMO comments “We are incredibly proud of this release. We have spent more then a year looking at the law and speaking with recruiters to understanding how GDPR will be interpreted in our industry. The work our developers have done is second-to-none, in giving recruiters the tools they need to easily administer EVERY part of GDPR compliance”

Click here to watch a video of these exciting new features.

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