Become a Profile ninja: Keyboard shortcuts

29th March 2016 by microdec

These handy keyboard shortcuts are sure to speed up your day!

Organisation F9
Contact F10
Vacancy F11
Candidate F12

Finder F6
Save Ctrl+S
Refresh F5
Add (within certain tabs) F7
Delete from Record (if your user permission allows) F8

Quit Current Record F4
Previous (within a list) F2
Next (within a list) F3
List / Form (switching between mode within a list) Ctrl+L

Today’s Date Ctrl+D
Current Time Ctrl+T
Responsible User Timestamp Ctrl+R
Undo notes Ctrl+Z

Process Menu (once in main menu) Ctrl+nn
e.g. if in ‘My Lists’, Ctrl+2 will take you into Tasks & Follow-ups

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