6 reasons why it’s important to integrate your email with your recruitment software

14th April 2016 by microdec

So we can’t live without email. Studies suggest that we spend approx 25% of our day processing emails and if that’s not worrying enough, it doesn’t count the additional time you spend updating your CRM with all the details from the email communications. This is time that you could use building relationships and placing candidates.

Here are some reasons why combining your email and CRM will make you more productive:

1. Reduces duplication

Let’s face it, copy & pasting details from an email to your CRM is time consuming and boring.

2. Provides an audit trail

A good CRM will keep event logs to help you see, track and recall email activity against the client, candidate and role.

3. Makes it easy

Because emails are automatically linked to your database records, a glance at your inbox means you can instantly see which emails are from clients or candidates. Simple one-click processing means CVs can be imported, or emails can be actioned with ease.

4. Reduces errors

As the boredom of copy & pasting details between systems sets in, mistakes happen. However, even the most conscientious people make mistakes. What is the cost of a candidate not appearing in a search because their data was accidentally posted into the wrong field on your database?

5. Improves workflows and internal communication

Having your email integrated into your CRM greatly increases the opportunity for you to get your consultants all working the same way.

It also means that information is available across your business, so there’s less time wasted by people hunting for information, asking questions and bringing each other ‘up to speed’ – The information is right there, in the CRM.

6. Improves branding and candidate experience

Create templates in your recruitment software that sends branded emails to clients and candidates with just a click. Your consultants can acknowledge receipt of a CV, arrange interviews, do their follow-ups and make placements with ease and with consistency.

Microdec Profile RPM brings your email into your recruitment software, so we’ve seen the benefits. Book a demo to learn more.

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