6 reasons why cloud recruitment software will benefit your business

18th October 2016 by microdec

Everyone is talking about Cloud computing, SaaS and even IaaS. But what does it really mean to have your recruitment software in the cloud? Here we explore 6 benefits:

Access from anywhere, anytime

As a recruiter you need to be there at the coalface, on-demand. To succeed, you need to be agile and always connected. With cloud recruitment software, you can access your systems at any time from anywhere with internet access. Your business will be more successful with everyone in your team always having access to the latest information.


Cloud database servers are held in protected, disaster-proof locations. Security teams monitor and manage the servers 24/7 365 days a year against physical and cyber attacks. Data is decentralised and shared among locations, reducing your exposure to hardware getting damaged or data being stolen, hacked, lost or corrupted.

Cost savings

Think about the costs of your current internal IT infrastructure. There’s the direct cost of hardware and maintenance; the indirect cost of space in your office, electricity, special air conditioning – and that’s before you’ve installed any software, upgrades, bug fixes, patches, backups; AND paid a system administrator to manage it for you.

You can eliminate these costs with a simple cost model, often a monthly subscription to have software delivered to you via the internet as you need it.

Trouble-free maintenance

With Cloud deployment, the core software is held centrally, so system upgrades, maintenance and fixes are carried out behind the scenes. Work is often done out-of-hours to minimise the impact of any down-time. Regular backups are carried out on your behalf to give you peace of mind that your data is well protected.


Other than for scheduled maintenance, Cloud systems are designed to always be accessible 24/7. Hardware malfunctions are seamlessly dealt with; and system maintenance takes place without an effect on your business. Microdec’s cloud service currently boasts 99.99% uptime since its launch.

Flexible and scalable

Cloud offers you the ability to scale up and add users, integrations, modules and services as you grow. These changes can be done simply, without you concerning yourself with server capacity, latest technology, implementation downtime or IT resource.

Microdec Profile recruitment software is deployed via the cloud and our clients enjoy access to their software and database from anywhere with internet access, with 99.99% uptime availability. Profile uses data intelligence to proactively assist your consultants, by reducing their admin and ensuring they never miss an opportunity. For more information, click here

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