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Is Profile GDPR compliant?
Version 5 of Profile provides tools that will help you with GDPR compliance, including Subject Access Requests, the Right To Be Forgotten, the Right to Portability and the rights to object and to withdraw consent. For clients using Profile RPM version 10.6, we are able to provide tools to assist GDPR compliance. Please visit or contact your account manager for more information.
I have two email accounts on my phone. How can I specify which email account the mobile app uses to send emails from?
The mobile app uses the phones native functionality and default accounts for email, web browser, maps, SMS etc. Therefore, if your default email account is your personal address, your mobile phone will attempt to use this first. You can change the 'send from' address manually in the email app, or change the default email account in your phones settings.
How do I activate a mobile device to use the Profile mobile app?
Access to the Profile mobile app is granted by the system administrator, who sends out an activation code for each individual device. Further information on how to activate a device can be found on the cloud portal.
Can I easily create a job from a client's email?
Yes. Profile incorporates a Vacancy Parser which will create and link the vacancy to the correct organisation ready for you to start your search.
Can I quickly and easily identify candidate availability?
Profile has an enhanced availability facility with simple swipe and repeat functionality. Based on the fast and simple recording of availability, the system then also has unprecedented matching of vacancies. All availability can be easily viewed via clearly laid out screens.
Can I automatically send Terms Of Business (TOBs)?
Companies can configure the system based on rules, so that TOB's can be automatically sent. The system also warns if TOB’s have not been sent.
Does the recruitment software generate reports?
Profile's Intelligent Reports library has over 40 reports which automatically provide the information required to each individual user. Each report has the facility to drill-down into the data behind it. Profile can also be used with your own reporting tools such as Microsoft Access, Crystal etc.
Can it parse PDF CV's?
Yes. Profile has its own enhanced built-in parsing software for parsing CVs and also vacancy emails from your clients. 
Microdec also works with other parsing applications such as Daxtra, Burning Glass & Textkernal.
How do I store CVs, scanned passport images and other files within the Database?
Profile offers exceptional storage on all of the main records, to store any file within the system.
 Files have a quick preview screen to save the user having to open file after file to find the right one.
Does the recruitment software integrate with Microsoft Office?
Profile seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office to allow creation of templates and documents.
How long has the company been in business for?
Since 1983, this is when we implemented our system for our first recruitment client.
Is it a fully relational database? Yes, but why does this help me?
Being fully relational means that you only have to enter the information in once, in one location and as it’s linked to other data it shows in all areas, meaning it is easier to find and gives the user the best experience.
Can the system track candidate's career history?
Profile has full career tracking history and automatically adds the career history when you make a placement.
Can the system be used for marketing purposes (CRM)?
Many of our clients have stopped using their sales CRM application after implementing Profile, saving money and simplifying processes. Profile can be used alongside marketing automation and email marketing tools such as Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp.
Can the database be linked to my website?
Profile has a range of solutions for linking to your website, from simple plug-in real-time portals to an API (application program interface) that allows you to develop your own integration.
What is the benefit of Cloud deployment?
With our cloud solution, we take care of the database servers, maintenance, software upgrades and backups on your behalf – all part of the monthly user fee. Profile can be accessed from anywhere with internet access, on a PC or tablet device. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a link to more information on our Cloud offering.
Is there a method of automatically matching candidates to jobs?
Profile's SMARTmatcher tool automatically alerts you to new or updated candidates who match your vacancies, helping you respond quickly.
Is your support valid worldwide?
Yes, we support and train companies globally.
Is it possible to configure the look and feel of the interface?
Yes. Profile has a very powerful, yet simple-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to enable our customers to simply change the way their systems look, feel and work. 

Can you provide reference clients for me to speak to?
Yes, just tell us the industry or type of company and we can provide a list of references.
Is it suitable for other languages/currency?
As you would expect from a company that supplies systems around the world, Profile clients can have their systems in any language required. It is also possible to search CVs across all languages including Japanese and Chinese.
Can I access the recruitment system from home/on the move?
Yes, you can run the full application from a device that connects to the internet from anywhere in the world.
Is it possible to make fields mandatory and/or recommended within the recruitment software?
Screens throughout the system including the quick input screens and data display screens can either have mandatory or recommended fields. Recommended fields prompt the user for input, whereas mandatory are as they say, mandatory.
All these fields can be configured by you using the simple-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) with drag 'n' drop simplicity.
Can I send SMS text messages from the system? To multiple people?
Both our executive search and temporary/contract staff find this of great use.
 Executives are always available via their phones in the board room or if you have that job that must be filled within minutes, then a quick text out and wait for the phones to ring with your candidates who are ready to work. Our recruitment software solution even supports 2-way SMS, so they can text you directly back!
Does your recruitment software incorporate KPI Monitoring?
Yes, it comes with 63 measures and the ability to set targets per consultant and team targets for managers. You can create your own KPI dials as well.
Can the database link to my telephone system?
Profile's standard functionality offers the ability to link to cloud telephony systems.
Can I import my current system data?
Yes, Microdec offer a range of different options to suit budget and technical ability.
From fully managed imports to applications to assist in the import of lists.
See our main services section for more details.
What if I do Permanent recruitment now and then start up a Temporary and/or Executive section?
Profile allows you to add further functionality (including additional recruitment types) within the recruitment software, to help your business grow.
What if I move into a different sector?
Profile has the flexibility to add additional sectors, recruitment types, brands or languages very easily. We specialise in working with multi-faceted and complex organisations who need their database(s) to be set up in specific ways.
Is searching easy?
Easy? Picture this... click... and you have the results of your search in front of you!
 Yes, just one click! Profile has the best searching available, allowing both code, field and free text searching to be performed in one search.
 Load a vacancy and the system will find the most suitable candidates for you using SMARTmatcher. If you have setup an advertising campaign for instance, it will also keep looking at anyone new added to the database while you get on with other work and tell you when it’s found more. SMARTmatcher does it for you.

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