Roc Search

Roc Search

Roc Search has enjoyed considerable growth since its inception in 2007, growing to 120 people across 4 offices in the UK, Europe and the USA. As the company grew, they looked at ways to improve their operation to be truly best-in-class.

The brief

Roc Search

They knew that their Profile RPM system held a huge volumes of data, but they needed a way to harness the power of that data to give them competitive advantage.

They wanted managers and directors to REALLY understand their business from root-to-branch. They wanted to ensure that opportunities are never missed, that staff are continually motivated, and that advertising revenue is never wasted.

They wanted to become a data-driven business… and they’ve done a great job of it.

The solution

To deliver the information they needed, Roc Search went live with Microdec’s partner cube19. cube19 provides recruitment-specific analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and performance management to help recruitment companies increase revenue, scale efficiently, improve data quality, and motivate teams.

Andrew Mace, Director at Roc Search explains, “Our Microdec Profile database has a wealth of information about our business. Every day-to-day action relating to a client, candidate or role is stored here. When Microdec’s product development team integrated with cube19, they made all our data available in easy-to-digest formats which can be presented across various media.”

The data from Profile’s recruitment software is used to provide better insight to the business. It’s helping to answer questions such as, “How many CV’s are required to fill a vacancy in a particular field?” or “How many more interviews do I need to arrange to hit my targets this month?”, so consultants know where to focus their sales efforts. It’s not just about seeing the numbers, it’s about the actions that come after seeing the numbers.

Historical data in the system is being used to set realistic KPIs for consultants and real-time data is used to monitor performance. It helps identify where there’s success, or where extra development is required.

Data is primarily being used by the business managers and directors, and some elements of the cube19 system is available to consultants to monitor their own performance.

Andrew’s mobile phone is displaying the cube19 screen. At a glance he can see his businesses performance, he can view trends and drill down to individual consultants, clients or regional office data. The information updates every 4 minutes so managers have live data in their hands. “People don’t have time to search for information … everybody wants information NOW” comments Andrew.

At Andrew’s desktop, cube19’s drag-and-drop reporting tool really stands out. By clicking and dragging report criteria, the live data updates immediately, presenting and updating graphic and list-based reports with valuable business insight. “If we have the data, then I can build reports on it in seconds”. One or two more clicks and we drill-down further for more in-depth analysis.

Large-screen TVs around the office provide key business stats and detail of consultant’s performance, with leaderboards and tickers scrolling in a manner reminiscent of Sky Sports News on transfer deadline day. The screen data is customisable so consultants can see at-a-glance what’s going on. It’s clear this is a valuable tool for sharing information and motivating the team.

There’s an energetic atmosphere at Roc Search and this is further heightened whenever a deal is done. As the consultant books a new permanent placement in Profile, cube19 takes the information and presents it on screens around every Roc Search office. Cheers and applause rings out around the office and 15 seconds of a celebratory song is played through the speakers in the office.

Microdec Account Managers and Project Management teams worked with both cube19 and Roc Search to handle the integration and take them live. Andrew recalls “The installation process was very straightforward and pain-free – and has opened the door to greater knowledge and further opportunity for Roc Search”

The power in this integration will continue to evolve further advantages for Roc Search as they become more informed by their data. “I think we’ll see more and more benefit as we continue to find new ways that we can really use this data” says Andrew, “and I’m looking forward to continuously improving our processes, conversion rates, productivity, and profit.”

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